Article about Qatar and cinema and Los Angeles company signed by Ibrahim Shehata‏

السبت 30-01-2021 22:34

Cinema to take humanity out of the COVID tunnel and climate change,
 by Ibrahim Shehata
 In this harsh time of COVID and Climate Change, Cinema must help
 humanity by producing stories that make you think deeply together about the few true values, of life, of existence.
 For this purpose the international organization Los Angeles, based in Cairo, in cooperation with Hollywood Art Film Production, has done  a world competition for film writers.  Among 5000 texts selected all over the world, 100 have been chosen which will be proposed to the most important film and television productions around the world.  Among the winners, there is one, who  is present in first , tenth, fifteenth and twenty-seventh position with four stories called “creative trance”.  “Creative trance” is a way of writing through  a special concentration that borders on trance and all the stories written in this way are grouped into a series which is titled “At the edge of reality”.  Is the situation we are in now with COVID and climate change you have no boundaries with reality?  The titles of the four stories that have won the first, tenth, fifteenth and twenty-seventh place are: -1: “Coup de théâtre à la première de Cleopatra VII”, -10: “Enchanting”, – 15: “Federico e Fellini”,  27- “The third death”.  Who is the author of these stories?  He is Count Federico Wardal, descendant of a dynasty of 3200 years old ,  an international star of theater, cinema, TV, actor, director, playwright, screenwriter.  Wardal especially uses 5 languages ​​in his written and recited works, so he is only dubbed in languages ​​that are not Italian, Arabic, English, Spanish, German.  His latest film of 8 short movies about his mentor the cinema legend Federico Fellini for Fellini 100 is “Federico and Fellini, out time together”,  presented now in Cairo.  Of course, the story of this short movie is different from “Federico and Fellini” the story that is in fifteenth place in the selection made by the Egyptian company “Los Angeles”, despite having links with the film presented in Cairo.  The selection of scripts made by the Egyptian company Los Angeles will actually be offered to very few and selected estimates of film productions and global stars.  Certainly they will be offered to the film institutions of Qatar  and other Arab countries that promote the film industry correctly in excellent way ,  producing films that spread values ​​for the good of humanity, in the form of dramatic and pleasant stories.  Has this point it is a duty to underline the action of her  highness sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani (المياسة بنت حمد بن خليفة آل ثاني) aimed at producing and promoting the best film for the real benefit of  humanity in this difficult historical moment.  Sheikha Al-Mayassa is the head of the Doha Film Institute.  The world now needs leaders like Sheihka Al-Mayassa to empower humanity, through culture, art, knowledge, for a path that takes it out of the tunnel where humanity  now entered, towards the light.

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